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Boom Media is an experienced web design and SEO agency with a small customer base in West Palm Beach, FL. With over 15 years of experience within the industry and its unmatched hunger to superior quality and results, Boom Media is able to streamline your business requirements on any digital media platform. May it be SEO for increased traffic or social media marketing for higher visibility, Boom Media digital marketing can ‘make it happen’ for your Online business. Contact our customer support for a personalized solution to revitalize your Online business.


Web Design Agency ...


• Integrative and friendly designs to increase usability of your website

• Advanced SEO for higher ranking and traffic with back-Linking

• Social Media Advertising for greater visibility

• Target oriented marketing campaigns to increase ROI

• Well researched content to give your website credibility


    • Our Values

    Our fundamental value is to provide Online businesses with a platform that can increase their ROI and better market exposure using a series of strategic and tactical interventions.

    • To Provide a strong web presence with the highest in standards

    • To be the best in the industry by continual developing and learning

    • To provide Solutions that would sustain businesses in the long-term

    • To Increase your customer satisfaction ratio and return visits

    • To offer Social Media Advertising and Local listing Reputation management

    • Our Thinking

    At Boom media, we believe that every business needs guidance to help them mark their presence in the market. We strongly believe that success in the Online industry comes out of genuine work and by our efforts in excelling business performance through competitive means. We never engage in any foul work neither advise our customers to do so. To be the best in the industry, you need to have the best procedures and policies and that is what we follow at Boom Media.

    • Our Assets

    Our biggest asset is our customer-oriented focus. We strive towards excellence in each project and make sure that we deliver on time, every time. Our strength lies in our competency and efficiency in understanding the requirements of our clients and delivering high quality work within the stipulated time-frame, which makes us a preferred choice for customers on a tight schedule. In addition, our latest IT infrastructure viably allows us to deliver better results than our competitors in the market

Boom Media  Milestones

With 1 year of accomplishments, Boom Media has added many new Local Businesses to its success portfolio. Our philosophy of work is to be a better version of ourselves each day.



Boom Media launched itself in the corporate world under the leadership and guidance of Eric Doer, Founder of Boom Media 1 Year ago, providing Web Design Agency and SEO Agency  marketing solutions for a wide range of clients.

15 Sep, 2015


Boom Media grew exponentially over the year in a tight competitive arena. And our 15 clients’ benchmark came in just under 6 months from our initial launch

18 Nov, 2015



Boom Media had already served its 30th project after 11 months from its launch and had gained reputable fame in the local market.

9 Feb, 2017


After three years of operations in the industry serving various clients and marking its presence as a competitive entity, Boom Media initiated plans to explore greater dimensions of Digital Media Promotions and development.

5 Mar, 2017


Boom Media gained quick recognition in the digital marketing industry and became a certified Google Partner within first year from our launch.

20 Dec, 2016



Our fast-paced operations and continual need for more staff outgrew our first office and had to find a bigger suite after 9 months of operations years in the market.

15 Jan, 2017

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Our Working SKILLS
    • We Provide the Best After-Sales Support.

    Our after-sales team is dedicated to serve you with uncompromisable professionalism throughout your transaction with-us and is always available to resolve your queries 24/7.

    • Our team is available round the clock to answer any queries

    • Use our integrated chat for live support

    • You can call us for technical aid and speak to one of our       technicians directly

    • You can contact us by email for complex issues that require providing details


    • We Are Dedicated Towards Our Clients.

    Boom Media is dedicated towards our clients and always deliver what we promise. Our professional team can take care of even the complex requirements easily due to their vast experience. We make our customers our priority and ensure their experience is fulfilling and lasting for repeated business opportunities. We continually evaluate our process and upgrade our systems to match latest trends in the industry to offer our clients unmatched and cutting-edge solutions that surpasses industry standards..

    • We Value Our Customer's Time.

    At Boom Media, we understand the pressures of today’s fast-paced era that requires quick market response and effective social media campaigns to make the most out of an opportunity. We realize that even the slightest delays in our delivery schedule can affect your business in a considerable manner. Hence, Boom Media makes it a priority to deliver your project on-time.

    • We Are a new rising star in Local area.

    With over half a decade of pioneering the digital marketing industry, Boom Media has a self-established record of accomplishment that needs no justification towards its superior business practices. Or reputation in the market needs no introduction and our clients trust our quality without prejudice. We are company striving towards excellence under all circumstances. At Boom Media, we believe that quality cannot be compromised.

    • We Are The Best Money Can Buy.

    Boom Media is a professional entity, which remains focused on staying ahead in the market outperforming our competitors in every domain. That is why even while providing best solutions to our clients; we remain competitive in our pricing as well. Continually delivering more value for money to our clients at every stage. Investing in us will surely give you the best bargain in town. With Boom Media, you get the best money can buy.

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There is MUCH MORE You Can Do With Boom Media

Boom Media is not limited to its Online digital services. You can do more for your business with our Graphic design and printing . We specialize in creating brochures, targeted postcards, billboards, large format layouts and motion graphics. Our creative design department can handle the smallest project to the most tedious catalog layout. Please ask us about all of our Graphic design capabilities.

We continue to educate ourselves in the latest software updates to stay in touch with leading technologies on all platforms. Call Boom Media today to get an estimate on your next Graphic Design or Web design project.


As always Design matters thats what make it memorable.

Digital Marketing Agency

Boom Media Internet Marketing services with Web Design, Video Marketing, SEO, Social Media Advertising & Reputation Management capabilities in West Palm Beach, FL.


At Boom Media, we do not offer services; we offer solutions, we also believe that design matters that's why every design project has to be unique, mesmerizing and unforgettable!


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